Our product list is highly diversified. Agricultural commodities include dry goods, perishables, and other specialized products requiring proper service and handling. Among these products, Telwar International Inc. has quantified its most recent shipments in the following categories:

Whole Grain: Wheat, Wheat flour, Corn, Corn Meal, Barley, Sugar, and Sorghum

Pinto, Great Northern, Kidney, Black, Navy and Soybeans, Green and Red Lentils, Green Peas and Yellow Spilt Peas

Vegetable Oils:
Sunflower, Corn, Olive and Soybean

Feed Mixtures:
Meat, Bone, Fish, Poultry By-Products, Soybean Meals and Made-to-order formulas and Private label production

Dairy Products:
Dry Milk Powder, Butter, Cheese, Whey and Eggs

Meat/Poultry Products:
Beef, Chicken, Fish, Livestock, Feeder cattle and Breeders

Frozen Vegetables, Dried Fruits and Fresh Citrus Fruits

Naturally and Chemically Treated

Metallurgical and Construction:
Aluminum, Aluminum Scrap, Construction irons per required ASTM specs, Iron, Zinc and Copper ores, Lumber, Timber and Veneers, Wood Pulp, Kraft and Finished papers

Petroleum Products:
Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Heavy Oil and Refining Capacity

Military Soft Goods:
Uniforms, Full BDU Sets, Boots, all made to US or required Specifications. M-65 field jackets, Body Armor, Pilot Suits. Back Packs, Helmets and Accessories, Hazardous Chemical Suits, Tents and MRE's


Telwar supplies construction materials and facilitates turn-key construction projects through U.S. Government programs and private financing. A wide spectrum of materials are available such as: Excavators, Bull Dozers, Cranes, Loaders and Forklifts. In addition, electrical equipment and supplies are available: Generators (turbo and diesel), Transformers, Compressors and a full line of cables.


Telwar International Inc. has utilized the USDA's GSM-102 Program, the United Nations Oil for Food Program, the World Food Program, Export Import Bank Programs, as well as numerous foreign and domestic financing options. The advantage we offer to our clients is 25 years of experience structuring and restructuring transactions in order to give our client the best purchasing power. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Our network of contacts worldwide is ready and willing to assist you.


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