Telwar International Inc. is a privately held, family-owned international trading firm that specializes in the sale of bulk commodities and finished agricultural products. Since its founding in 1979 it has served 43 countries worldwide, in both the public and private sectors. With a primary market in the Middle East and a secondary consideration in the Far East, our corporation has extensive experience with the United Nations Food Program, World Food Programme, and USDA CCC Export Programs: GSM-102, GSM-103, Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP) and Facility Guarantee Program (FGP).

Three decades ago, company founder Fatima Karma Telwar realized that she could make a difference by helping to feed the world’s population. To fulfill this mission, she coupled her financial expertise with an intimate knowledge of international agricultural markets to create worldwide buyer access to transactions that previously were beyond their reach.

Since then, Telwar International has grown, along with its network of governmental, private and NGO financing opportunities. As a result, we are able offer our buyers creative financing possibilities that allow them to achieve their procurement directives while remaining within budgetary limits. By analyzing each transaction, we can tailor origins and financing to maximize each venture.

At Telwar International, the focus is the client. That’s why we have developed innovative financing solutions for export transactions, from the onset of the project to its completion. When Telwar International Inc. executes your sale, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take on the risk to ensure each shipment arrives, safe and sound, into waiting arms.

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